Beautiful stairs and principles to note (2022)

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The beautiful staircase is a construction design trend for modern townhouses with floors / floors. Stairs are important design not only in terms of its physical but also in terms of its aesthetics. Sometimes stairs are only used for convenient movement, but sometimes they are used to create accents for your home. So with each type of home design, there will be beautiful staircase models that are suitable for it. Soon, LHA Construction will introduce you to the beautiful stairs in 2022 and things to note when building stairs.

3 principles to remember when designing civil stairs 

It is not necessary to build stairs that we just build, but we also have to rely on many factors to ensure the versatility and durability of the stairs. Depending on the type of house and the preferences of the homeowner, we can highlight different features from different perspectives. Therefore, before choosing the design and construction of stairs for the house, homeowners should note 3 important principles below: Safety while on the move

Safety while on the move 

The safety of beautiful stair models is often put on top. Before designing, you need to carefully calculate the parameters to ensure the safety of the stairs. A staircase that is both beautiful and safe requires not only the height and width but also the material of the contact surface when in use. In today’s architecture, there are quite a few modern stairs with standard sizes: 

  • For townhouses: stairs from 0.9m – 1.2m wide
  • For high-class houses and villas: stairs from 1.5m wide

The size of each step is equally taken care of to ensure safe use: 

  • Height distance of each step: 15cm.
  • The width of each step is about 30cm.
  • Handrail height: 90cm (from the surface of the ladder).

This distance helps the stairs will not be steep and narrow. Ensure the comfort and strength of everyone when moving up and down.

House space saving

Why should we use narrow stairs or mezzanine stairs? For small spaces such as inns, mezzanines, tube houses, townhouses, etc. It is extremely necessary to design houses according to the model with floors / floors. This helps to increase the floor area and living space for family members, helping to diversify the storage space. Therefore, we can use stairs as a measure to increase living space most effectively.

There are many types of stairs that are both beautiful and space-saving. Economical stairs are divided into two types: the area using the small stairs and the space under the stairs. Usually, the stairs in the house are designed to be simple and no less modern. Moreover, it is intelligently integrated with cabinets under the stairs, stairs combined as storage, TV shelves, toilets …

Suitable for feng shui

In each house, the stairs are likened to the backbone creating important feng shui for the homeowner. Stairs are not only a bridge of floors but also beautify the house. Depending on the design of the house and the age of the owner, there will be different types of stairs.

How to design stairs in accordance with feng shui?

  • It is advisable to build beautiful stairs in open, ventilated and light places.
  • Do not build too long stairs because the longer the stairs, the weaker the vitality (meaning to move tired).
  • The position of the stairs should be placed in important signs such as: Yin Quy Nhan, Duong Quy Nhan, Dao Hoa, Thien Ma, Thien Loc.
ảnh nháp
ảnh nháp


Beautiful stairs you should know

In some cases, stairs are only used as a convenient means of transportation. But sometimes the stairs are also considered as a highlight as much as the artwork in interior design. Currently, there are many beautiful staircase models formed based on the creative thinking of design companies. But in construction, stairs are divided into 7 main types of stairs:

1. Straight staircase type

Một trong những kiểu cầu thang hiện đại phổ biến nhất phải kể đến cầu thang thẳng. Tên gọi cũng giống như tính cầu của kiểu cầu thang này. Nó chỉ có một đường thẳng duy nhất và không có đoạn gấp khúc hay bẻ cong nào. Cầu thang thẳng là kiểu cầu thang đơn giản về cả thiết kế và thi công. Đây là lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho những người yêu thích phong cách tối giản nhẹ nhàng. Kiểu cầu thang thẳng này sẽ chiếm diện tiếp nhiều về chiều dài. Vậy nên nó được dùng nhiều cho những ngôi nhà hẹp và dài, hoặc những ngôi nhà rộng có đủ không gian chứa cầu thang. Thường là nhà ống, nhà gác lửng sẽ được sử dụng nhiều. 

One of the most popular types of modern stairs is the straight staircase. The name is the same as the demand for this type of stairs. It has only one straight line and no bends or bends. Straight stairs are simple stairs in both design and construction. This is the perfect choice for those who love light minimalism. This type of straight staircase will take up more space in length. So it is used a lot for narrow and long houses, or large houses with enough space to accommodate stairs. Usually tube houses, mezzanine houses will be used a lot.

Advantages of tube house stairs:

  • Create a feeling of health and certainty.
  • Simple design and communication.
  • There is a large space under the stairs to help design cabinets and storage shelves for houses with a narrow area. 

2. U-shaped staircase

The U-shaped staircase is a variation of the straight staircase. It is two rows of stairs straight lines connected by a rest span forming a 180 degree rotation. This is the most common type of stairs in the beautiful tube house or townhouse stairs. If you are owning a simple compact house that wants to save floor space, the U-shaped staircase is the best choice. There are two ways to build a U-shaped staircase: 2 rows of stairs perpendicular to the wall surface and 2 rows of stairs parallel to the wall surface.

Advantages of U-shaped stairs:

  • There are many different designs to help you have many options to suit the style of your home.
  • The resting rhythm of the stairs helps to move more smoothly when “resting” if you feel tired.
  • Ensure high safety for families with young children and the elderly.
  • Save floor space.

3. L-shaped staircase

Another variation of the straight staircase is the L-shaped staircase. This is also a type of staircase with a rest span. However, these two segments of stairs are not parallel as the U-shaped is 90 degrees perpendicular to each other. Usually, the L-shaped staircase will be located in the corner of the house. This helps the house save space and make use of the space under the stairs. However, this is a type of staircase that requires higher design and construction than straight stairs because it must be carefully calculated to ensure safety and aesthetics.

4. Round staircase style

The winding staircase is a variation of the L-shaped staircase. However, it does not have a break but is just a slight angle of rotation with many stairs arranged in the shape of a propeller. This structure allows you to bend the stairs at various angles. Moreover, thanks to this flexibility, you can place the stairs in many different positions in the house. And if you want to build this type of stairs, you should choose a supporting wall (usually a wall) to ensure safety!

5. Spiral staircase style

Spiral stairs are the most space-saving stairs in construction. Because the structure of this type of stairs only rotates around a central axis. However, there are now a few spiral staircase designs that do not need a central shaft. Instead, the spans of the stairs will be used with cement or bent steel. This is a very challenging staircase in terms of both art and design. However, only a few people choose this type of stairs because of its safety when moving up and down. Especially in families with small children or the elderly, there will be less construction options.

6. Curved staircase type

Curved stairs will often be confused with spiral stairs. However, the spiral staircase will be a complete circle that rotates along a central axis. The curved staircase is just a gentle curve and has a wider radius. This is considered the most aristocratic staircase model with “royal” style in the current types of stairs. Simply because bending stairs often take up a lot of space. Enough to sew the design to create sophistication and uniqueness for the stairs.

What’s more, this is one of the most beautiful staircases built in large hotels and villas. However, if you want to build this type of stairs, you need to invest a lot of money in the design and construction stages. Because of it has great complexity in both design and construction.

7. Cantilever staircase type

One of the modern staircase models must be mentioned is the cantilever staircase. This is the type of staircase that makes the viewer feel like it is hanging in the air. But actually the main beam supporting the stairs is hidden in the wall. So you will feel like there is nothing to support the stairs. This makes the house feel airy and spacious. The construction of cantilever stairs is calculated extremely carefully to help ensure its durability and safety. Moreover, the cost to construct cantilever stairs is always higher than other stair models.

4 types of materials for making stairs are popular today

Wooden stairs: wooden material gives viewers a feeling of nostalgia and luxury. Wood color creates a friendly feeling. Especially suitable for Vietnamese-style houses when using wooden furniture.

Tempered glass stairs: Transparent glass creates a sense of ventilation for the house when the view is not obstructed. The wide and comfortable view allows natural light to spread to every corner of the house.

Metal stairs: the needles are used as stainless steel, iron, steel … often used for spiral stairs that need to be linked with many angles. Moreover, you can match with handrails or transparent glass stairs to increase the elegance and modernity.

Reinforced concrete stairs: this is the most common type of stairs in construction. With outstanding advantages such as high durability, quick construction, easy to shape…

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